Mar 31, 2016

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Considerations for Choosing Flooring in Basement Remodels

Most families would love to have extra space in their homes, and remodeling your basement is an ideal way to create that space. If you are an expert in remodeling then it should not take you long to create more space and use it either as study area or a games room. But if you are not such an DIY expert then, there are a few things you need to learn about the whole remodeling process.

Step one in remodeling a basement calls for some detective work. You need to investigate, and see if the basement requires waterproofing. Signs of waterproofing problems include fungus in damp and dark areas, moldy odors, peeling paint, cracked walls, damp spots on walls and rust on appliances. Any such signs of waterproofing problems indicate the need for a waterproofing sealer during any planned remodel process.

An examination of waterproofing issues confronts this question: “Is this basement dry enough for remodeling?” Yet that is not the only question that the homeowner needs to confront before remodeling a basement. The homeowner should also ask, “Is this basement warm enough?” It does not make sense to pay for remodeling, only to find that no one wants to stay in the remodeled but cold basement. Installation of an electric floor can help a homeowner to solve both moisture and heat problems.

Once those two problems have been dealt with, then the homeowner and other family members can start contributing their various basement remodeling ideas. At this point, the family needs to think seriously about exactly how the remodeled basement is going to be used. Is it just going to be a den, a place where the family can read and watch TV? Is it going to be a place for the enjoyment of particular family activities? Maybe family members like to play cards. Perhaps family members enjoy playing shuffleboard.

Because most basements are underground, people who go into a basement often feel like they are entering a cave. During the basement remodeling process every effort should be made to make sure that the new basement does not feel like a cave. In order to do away with that feeling, the basement remodeling must include the intallation of proper lighting fixtures. The ideal fixtures are those that provide the basement with lots of indirect lighting. Such lighting touches the ceiling and seems to give the basement greater height. That way family and friend are sure to crowd into the warm and well lighted, remodeled basement.

In today’s economy, most people may shy away from purchasing bigger homes or putting on additions to existing houses. Finishing unused basement rooms are a cost saving alternative which adds value to your home and makes better use of already existing square footage. Here are some ways to make that dead space really work for you.

A basement office is detached enough from most of your living space to feel like you are away from home, yet it’s only a few short steps away! Consider having shelving built into the walls for easy book and document storage. If you don’t need to use the office space for your career, it can easily be doubled as a sewing or craft room.

Most basements already have utility lines and water pipes running down from the rest of the house, making installation of an extra bathroom relatively simple. Newer homes are often framed with a space for commode, tub, and vanity in anticipation of possible future finishing. Guests and family members alike will really like having an extra place to get ready for the day without having to wait in line!

About the Author:
Roy Peters is a general contractor and owner of Renovate Marketing. His company helps homeowners remodel kitchens, bathrooms, basements and more with their certified list of home remodeling contractors. Renovate Marketing has 5 locations in the Ohio area, you can find them in Columbus,Dayton, Akron, Cleveland and Cincinnati.

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Feb 17, 2016

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Different Floor Tiles That You Wish To Try Out For Your Property

Are you thinking to make your home or office more beautiful by adding some color to the floors? Flooring is manufactured from a variety of materials, such as clay, stone, metal, terrazzo, and quartz. If you are living in United States, you don’t need to be worried while choosing tiles for your space.

Most commonly used tiles that you get here are Ceramic and Porcelain. But Terrazzo, Natural Stone, Wooden flooring are also used for flooring.

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Ceramic Tile : It is manufactured from clay. Through a process of heating and cooling clay and other minerals, it is manufactured. It comes in wide range of colors, shapes and sizes, textures and finishes to achieve its desired look. Ceramic tile is an ideal choice for floors in any bathroom. It’s durable, impervious to water, and comes in an almost limitless selection of colors and styles. Tiling a custom bathroom with your own hands is just an awesome task to do.

Ceramic is divided into Porcelain and Non-Porcelain. Porcelain tiles are manufactured from natural clay. It is created by heating refined clay at a higher temperature to make a denser floor tile. This kind of tiles is used for both indoors and outdoors. These are available in a variety of textures, sizes and colors. Traditional ceramic tiles are non-porcelain tiles. It is made from white, red or brown clay and other minerals. A range of colors, texture and shapes are available in these kinds of tiles also. It comes with glazed, unglazed, semi-glazed, high glazed or matte finishes that can be used anywhere.

Natural Stone Tile : These types of tiles are created by natural materials like granite, marble, limestone, slate, etc. These are quarried, slabbed, finished and cut to sizes. A common type of stones used for flooring is granite, limestones, marble, slate, etc. These types of stone have thousands of varieties depending on where and when the stone was quarried.

Granite : is a very dense and hard type of rock. It is available in all colours. Once all the procedures and polishing are done, it is an excellent choice for kitchen and traffic areas.

Marble : has rich veining and available in all kind of colours. It is more porous than granite and not recommended for kitchen flooring. You can use it for your living room, balcony, roof flooring, etc.

Limestone : has both lighter and darker shades in it. It has less density than granite and marble. It can be textured and polished. It is not recommended for kitchen areas and high traffic areas.

Travertine : is a type of limestone which has a crystallized appearance with an earthy tone. It is soft porous stone and not recommended for kitchen flooring that it can be easily scratched and stained. To maintain this tile you need to give special care and surface cleaning.

Slate : is extremely dense and very durable rock. It is available in darker earthy tones. It has been naturally textured. It is an excellent choice for kitchen flooring and high traffic areas.

For finding the perfect floor tiles, you need to come across a number of dealers offering various tiles varieties. It is now up to you which type of tiles you prefer for your workplace of home.

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